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Whether you're celebrating one of life's big milestone events or looking for a little pick-me-up for a friend, we've got inspiration for every occasion! Here's our top 10:


Funfetti Heart Biscuit

Life isn't always rainbows and unicorns and sometimes we all need a little reminder that we're loved. Nothing puts a smile on your face quite like a little treat through the letterbox with a message from your bestie. Funfetti Hearts start from £9.00 for half a dozen, so you won't have to break the bank. Your small gesture is guaranteed to put a big smile on someone's face.


Apple for Teacher Biscuit

In my humble opinion, all teachers deserve a medal after this year! "Forgot to put your hand down again little Johnny? Not to worry!" on repeat 100 times per day, EVERY DAY! Bring back any fond memories much?! We don't do medals but these are the next best thing, and I can confirm MJ biscuits are 100% teacher approved! Let a terrific teacher know just how fantastic they are with a personalised message on a biscuit, and go to the top of the class!


Marble Round Biscuit

We all know someone who is super tricky to buy for. Birthdays and Christmas are a nightmare - they either have everything or have VERY particular tastes, and a gift card just isn't going to cut the mustard. Enter the Marble Round Biscuit... the perfect all-rounder for literally any occasion. With 10 colours to choose from and the option to personalise with your own prose, the world is your oyster and everyone (even the fusspots) are catered for. Tick.


Love Letter Biscuit

They say food is the way to a man's heart, but are ladies really any different?! I am most certainly all about food! A cute love letter that tastes as good as it looks makes the perfect gift for your beau (although they'd better share, or there will be trouble!)


You Did It! Biscuit

Aced those exams? Smashed that interview?! Give someone a well deserved pat on the back with a taste of sweet success in biscuit-form with the You Did It! Biscuit.


Hen Biscuit Box

Spoil the beautiful Bride-to-be and the whole Bride Tribe with a sugar kick that pairs perfectly with bubbles, darling! The Hen Biscuit box includes a selection of 9 vanilla butter biscuits, finished with your choice of Marbled or Funfetti icing, featuring the slogan 'Bride Tribe' plus one extra special biscuit for your Hen.

Need to customise? See our Wedding Page for inspiration or to get in touch.


Cloud Biscuit

Box of 8 cloud-shaped butter biscuits, finished with marbled icing featuring slogans 'Hello Little One' and 'Baby', plus option to personalise with your own message. Available in a range of colours. A sweet gift for new or expectant parents.


Triple Choc Mug Brownie kit

New Mums deserve a little TLC and we've got them covered! All the sweet comfort of warm chocolate brownies with none of the hassle or mess. Maximum pleasure + minimum effort = the perfect combo. Plus a gorgeous mug that will continue to serve as a reminder of just how loved they are, every time coffee (AKA Mum fuel) time calls.


Rainbow Biscuit

Guaranteed to raise a smile every time (who doesn't love a rainbow?!) These happy little guys are the perfect way to say a great big "Thankyou!" to someone awesome. Joy in a biscuit... the recipient may be tempted not to eat them (well, maybe not all in one go! We're all human!)


Animal Print Collection

After something a bit different? Hot pink leopard print? Bright blue tiger stripes? Perhaps cheeky yellow Cheetah spots. Or... what could bee better than our Bee-autiful bee design. On a biscuit?! Yes! Unique gifts for unique people!

Found this useful? Got ideas of your own to share? What would you like to see next? We're all ears! Join my site to leave a comment or get in touch at

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