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AND BREATHE (Oh, and hi from me)

Now, be gentle with me, after all I'm a baker not a blogger (actually I'm a Physio, but I'll come to that another time!) I wanted to share a little more of me and hopefully start a conversation, so here I am putting on my big girl pants, being brave and gingerly dipping my toe in the water of my first blog post! The thing is I'm really a middle man (middle woman??). You send me your beautiful words, your congratulations, commiserations, in-jokes and encouragement, and I package them up and send them in biscuit form to your nearest and dearest. And you make me smile, laugh out loud, and sometimes bring a little tear to my eye. So I kind of feel like I know you a little bit already and I'm on your side and rooting for you when you're "SMASHING IT!", found your perfect "HOME SWEET HOME" or when "SHE SAID YES!" just as much as I'm quietly holding your hand when you're miles apart from your loved ones and having a crappy time. I feel every "I MISS YOU" because we're all on this crazy hamster wheel of life together and we all have people we desperately miss, events we couldn't quite celebrate in the way we wanted to and good news we want to share. Now, I hope that doesn't sound too creepy.. I guess I'm just a big softie and I certainly put my heart and soul into what I do, because (and this may sound a little over dramatic) its not just biscuit making to me - each and every human connection is so important, especially in these times of lockdown, so I want to get it right!

But I'm not immune to the pressures of the hamster wheel myself and after what has been an absolutely bonkers few weeks in the MJ Bakes kitchen, it has been bliss to take my foot off the gas the past couple of days to just PAUSE. TAKE A BREATH. AND LOOK UP... and see all the wonder of life and feel grateful. My goodness it was well needed. Essential, in fact. I have been so bowled over by how this little business of mine has developed, especially in the past couple of months. And that's because of you beautiful biscuit loving people, supporting me, shopping small and keeping me busier than ever! My actual dream come true! I must admit, I'm no superwoman though, and these bizarre times when we're forced to work, teach and parent simultaneously and keep on top of all that life throws at us... Well, it's a lot.

I'm beyond grateful for every single order, like, share, comment and follow, and having time to do 'normal' (for lockdown) things like take a long relaxing bath, put on actual jeans (fancy) for a family walk at the seaside and feel the sun on my face, has properly topped up my reserves and given me the opportunity to take stock of how lucky I am. So thankyou.

And I'm here and ready to hold your hand through life's next event - I'll be your middle-woman any day!

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