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Read on for Father’s Day GIVEAWAY...

Let’s hear it for the Dads

It wasn’t all that long ago I was shouting out to all the incredible mums out there (deservedly so) in ‘Mum’s the Word’ for all they do. But with Father’s Day approaching, I can’t let the season pass without celebrating those fantastic dads and dad figures in our lives, past and present. I am certainly very lucky to have such a man to share this glorious, infuriating, challenging, sacred, hilarious and sometimes utterly baffling parenting journey with.

Lets face it, no matter how many books you read or NCT classes you attend, none of us has a flipping clue once that tiny human crash lands into your world. But having my husband, Eddie, by my side at least meant we were 2 clueless idiots together, and surely there’s safety in numbers?!

In it Together

We shared that first newborn nappy change ‘golden shower’. And the second one, moments later (“we’re ready this time” – Oh apparently not). When my son uttered his first words, “Da da da da da!” we grinned like buffoons together in disbelief and with overwhelming pride (I was only slightly miffed it wasn’t “Mama”). At the first school open day, we both sat on tiny plastic chairs, listening to an impossibly young teacher, whilst exchanging bemused looks of ‘how the hell are we grown-up enough to have a child starting school?!’

With both our children, we’ve shared every amazing milestone. And every shitty one too – like the time my son nearly choked on an onion ring and refused to eat solid food for 6 weeks! I’m so glad it was Eddie who was there with him at the time, and quickly and calmly slapped his back until the food flew out. I can picture just how he would have hugged him, wiped his tears away (calmed the down the hysterical woman at the next table) and then taken the kids to the arcades as a distraction. Whereas, despite my health background and first aid training, I would invariably have panicked, forgotten everything and freaked him out even more.

Opposites Attract

Eddie is the yin to my yang. He’s laid back and I’m an anxious over-thinker. He’s a matter-of-fact Northerner and I’m a daydreaming West-country girl. He shelters in the shade whilst I bask in the sun (not a metaphor!) He drops wet towels on the floor whereas I’m that person who has to plump the cushions whilst having 2 minute apart contractions, because I don’t want to come home from hospital to an untidy house (true story).

Obviously we share an awful lot in common, but we are very different people in a LOT of ways. I would have to agree with the saying ‘men are from Mars and women are from Venus’ – some days I wonder if we are even in the same solar system! Don’t get me wrong – I love him to bits, we’ve been together since I was 19 (I know, you’d get less for murder!) But we have our tough times like everyone else. Sometimes I really do think I’m just one more wet towel on the floor away from actually murdering him in his sleep. But, the main thing is I haven’t done him in, because

1) I wouldn't have a clue what to do with the body

2) he’s the only one that understands the ridiculously complicated and drawn out mystic process to descale the coffee machine

3) I couldn’t do any of this (life) without him.

Right Hand Man

He is reader of silly bedtime stories (mine are just not as funny), protector of the family and, whilst being a great dad to the kids, he is also my biggest supporter, giving me time and space to build my business up from the ground. As we’ve discovered, starting out freelance and building a successful business takes time, hard work, patience and someone to have your back, especially when you have a young family and a global pandemic to contend with (as I discussed in ‘Let’s start at the beginning’). It’s a leap of faith that I couldn’t take if he didn’t have faith in me. He has spent endless hours assisting with my technical woes and has helped to shake my accounts into order. He grounds me when I’m being neurotic about a potential issue that may or may not exist in reality, and pushes me to continually think bigger and aim higher.

Dadding It!

This is what #daddingit means to me – not only being a father figure for our kids, someone that makes them chuckle, teaches them wrong from right, celebrates their triumphs and heals their pain. But also someone who is my partner in crime. Two idiots trying to figure out this ever changing path together.

I thought it would be inspired to interview our kids about why their daddy is so great. The littlest said, “His huggles and silly jokes.” The biggest said, ‘He gave birth to me” (hilarious to a 9 year old) followed swiftly by, “He keeps me alive – gives me food and water”.

Share your Fab Dad stories and WIN

Sooo, if you can add anything more ground-breaking than ‘maintainer of life’ to the list of great dad attributes, I’d love to hear from you. Join the conversation on Instagram. Use #DaddingIt to share a top dad story, funny anecdote or tell us, plain and simple, why the dad or father figure in your life is so special. Don’t forget to tag @mjlovescake and you could win one of two £20 MJ Bakes vouchers to spend in the shop and spoil that rad dad (or yourself!)


1) Post a picture or video on YOUR Instagram account along with your Fab Dad anecdote

2) Use #DaddingIt and tag @mjlovescake explaining you’re entering the MJ Bakes giveaway competition

3) If you have a private account, send me a DM. I’ll request to follow you so I can see your post and include you in the draw

  • Closing date for entries is midnight Friday 18th June

  • My top 2 will be announced on Father’s Day, and each will receive a £20 MJ Bakes voucher (includes free 1st class shipping)

  • We’d also love to feature some of your stories in our next blog!

  • Open to UK residents only. Not endorsed by Instagram.


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